Balm in Gilead

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

The last few days society has been experiencing “tough times.” That’s what we call it when things seem to happen all clustered together, the symptoms of our awkward growth period showing themselves at increasing frequency. (Click on these links for more about the earthquake in Nepal, Baltimore protests, Supreme Court arguments re: same-sex marriage. For ways to support aid to survivors in Nepal, click here and here).

It’s only natural to begin to question our collective spirit. These times challenge my unconditional love for humanity and faith that we will survive yet another period of great change. I’m filled with reactions, emotions and observations, but none are helpful to express just yet.

Sometimes it’s better just to listen. I found this song by Spirit Family Reunion serendipitously, as often these things happen. It sung to my soul, to my anger and sadness, but also to the hope and compassion that bring me through times like now. It gave me space to have the “sweet relief” it describes. It was a Balm in Gilead. Such things are meant to be shared.

I wish you healing, perspective and peace during these tumultuous times. And music. Great healing music. That is all.

Om_SymbolWhat song is your Balm in Gilead today? Please share it in the comments.

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